Sunday, April 26, 2009

i'M hOmE

finally on friday night (25 april 2009), i had reach my home sweet home at 10.30 pm..hehe..after long journey from k.trgganu to j.bahru by parent reached umt at about 9 am on the same day..after 1 have packed all my things n put it in the car, the car seem just full with my bags n many more..

after that we had heading to pasar payang..b4 that, we stopped by pantai teluk ketapang..there were pertandingan memancing anjuran rtm..i saw a big rayfish about 20.5 kg hanging and win the 1st place..such a big fish i thought..hehe..

at pasar payang my parents had shopping many things such as serunding, keropok ikan tamban, keropok lekor, clothes n many more..then the car was so packed with all of these stuff..from pasar payang, at 12.30pm we were heading back to jb..

then b4 arrived home we have stopped to take our dinner..then after that we reached home..i'm happy to be thats all..i want 2 rest cause i was very tired..not enough sleep in the car..hehehe~


Fifa said...

Weyhhh..mane aci ko da balek umah. Aku exam pon x start ag. Next week bru last week lecture. Tp timetable exam aku mcam hampeh..huh

sALeh sLey said...

nk wt cmne dh abis exam kn..
nk wt ape lg kalo bkn blk rmh..
kesian nye ko lom exam lg..
skrg ni pun ipta2 yg lain tgh exam gak..
cume U aku je abis awal..
yg len sume abis awal bln 5..
ko mane same ngan kitorg..
yela ko utp..
berbeza 2..