Wednesday, April 8, 2009

fInaL exAm

omg it seem a long time i didnt update my blog..dh berhabok pun rasenye..
well now im sitting for my final exam starting from 6 april until 20 april..
i have 5 papers and 1 persuasive not prepared yet for the speech..

the day before yesterday (monday) i have my first paper at 9 am..huhuhu..awal2 pg dh ade paper..mengantuk gile dlm dewan mase jwb was fishery science subject..all about fishery in malaysia..bla2..bla2..

then this coming thursday is my second paper which is the aquaculture system..hurm so many thing to read and to memorize..then the next one is biology of invertebrate aquatic..about the invertebrate animal in the water..chepalopods, bivalvia, annelids, mollusc n many more..seem i have to cover so many thing for this subject..this paper i will seat on 12 april which is on sunday..

the fourth paper is komunikasi interpersonal on 16 april..something like comunication but in malay la..have structur n also essay..what the point i have 2 study this is my persuasive speech on 18 april..i dont even think a topic yet..hurm..nk buat tajuk ape eh??
n lastly my kenegaraan paper is on 20 april..then i finish my 2nd sem..yey!!cannot wait to have a long holiday..hehehe..