Monday, May 4, 2009

wOrLdstArS roAd tO hoLLyWoOd

last night my friends n i went to taman tasik titiwangsa..there was food festival there since yesterday was the last of my friends said that the festival will end around 11 because in internet written like when we arrived at about 7 pm all the people at the stalls there were packing their stuff..we were like "eh nape diorg dh kemas ni..bkn abis kol 11 ke?"

then we went to a stall with keropok lekor there and we ask one makcik..

"makcik, bende ni tutup kol bape??"
"owh, patutnye kol ade smpi kol 7 je la..nk keropok lekor x??amik la free je"

hehehe..we got free food..hehehe..then after walking around there, we went to istana friends said usually there was laman santai at when we arrived, there were lots of car..we didn't know what function was in the we asked some people there and they said it was Worldstars Road to we were like asking how can we go he said that we must have ticket..he asked us to go to the went we asked, there were extra of we went inside..hehe..yey!!

this program was live on tv2 last was like searching for Malaysian people to perform at Hollywood..there were lots of category..vocal category, acting, dancing, instrument and vocal category there were siti sarah and also bob who going to hollywood..and they had been choosen by the judge which one of them is hans issac, to go there..

after finish at 11, we went back to pj..aizat and i went somewhere area ss2 pj searching for food because we are hungry..hehehe..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

onE iN a milliOn grAnD fiNaLe

last tuesday when i on my facebook, there was 8tv quickie who wanted to give away oiam grand final tickets to people in i give my quick respond 2 it..n i didn't think at all that i would get 4 free a day before the final day, my friends n i went to sri pentas to take the tickets..then we went to the 3rd floor of sri pentas from the 8tv station..then we took another 2 tickets each at the post total tickets were 10 tickets..hehehe..what a lucky day..haha..

at the moments all of us called our friends and ask them to join us for the final..just in short time all the tickets were booked by our last night all of us went to stadium melawati shah alam to watch oiam live..hahaha..

there was an elimination first when the show anounced that tomok was eliminated..all of people in the stadium quite shocked with the result..but seem like miracle happened and many people voted that they wanted all three of them perform last started with the performance by top 12..the performance was like a marching band..then aweera from perlis with the song sampai syurga..after that, esther take place with a new song wrote for her..such a wonderful song i think..last tomok performed 'hanya kau yang mampu'..such an energetic performance..he did it well!

for the second round, aweera sang his new song 'ku di sini'..his performance was okey..when it came to esther she sang 'please don't stop the music'..she dance during this energetic with lots of movements..but syafinaz said that the song was not really suitable..lastly the performance by tomok with his new song 'rindu terhenti'..what a wonderful friends also agreed with that..

before awal n marion announced the result, there were performances by bunkface with 'revolusi', then ayu oiam 2 and lastly the performance by the top 12..lastly the result..and the winner goes 2 tomok!!everyone said that he deserved to win that one million ringgit..because people can see his efford for him to change his life..

then all of us went back..but before that we went to eat char kuew teow..yummy..haha..