Monday, May 4, 2009

wOrLdstArS roAd tO hoLLyWoOd

last night my friends n i went to taman tasik titiwangsa..there was food festival there since yesterday was the last of my friends said that the festival will end around 11 because in internet written like when we arrived at about 7 pm all the people at the stalls there were packing their stuff..we were like "eh nape diorg dh kemas ni..bkn abis kol 11 ke?"

then we went to a stall with keropok lekor there and we ask one makcik..

"makcik, bende ni tutup kol bape??"
"owh, patutnye kol ade smpi kol 7 je la..nk keropok lekor x??amik la free je"

hehehe..we got free food..hehehe..then after walking around there, we went to istana friends said usually there was laman santai at when we arrived, there were lots of car..we didn't know what function was in the we asked some people there and they said it was Worldstars Road to we were like asking how can we go he said that we must have ticket..he asked us to go to the went we asked, there were extra of we went inside..hehe..yey!!

this program was live on tv2 last was like searching for Malaysian people to perform at Hollywood..there were lots of category..vocal category, acting, dancing, instrument and vocal category there were siti sarah and also bob who going to hollywood..and they had been choosen by the judge which one of them is hans issac, to go there..

after finish at 11, we went back to pj..aizat and i went somewhere area ss2 pj searching for food because we are hungry..hehehe..


YobSumO said...

aku rase aku ade tetengok tv time noryn nyanyi... die x dpt ke? power je die nyanyi...

sALeh sLey said...

yup bende ni live kt tv2..
die x msk bertanding pun..
sbb nye thn sblm die dh msk pun..
dpt 4 gold medal lg..
mlm 2 die just wt persembahan je la..

inikipassaya said...

sape lagi yg dpt???
cume bob n sarah je kah???
best ke???

sALeh sLey said...

ade lg yg dpt..
kalo artis yg dua 2 je la..
tau x dila malaysian most beautiful?
die pun dpt gak..
tp utk kategori modeling la..