Thursday, September 25, 2008

my bEst bUdDiEs

taken at sudut pidato, mmc

this is my best buddies ever in mmc..starring nik, peanut, frasy, me n also epol..what a lovely friends they are..they are as sweet as their faces..not forgotten midie which is also my prac leader..all of them are so active, talkative n each of them have a very crazy attitude.. nik is studying at ump..while epol is at utm..peanut is now at uitm perlis..midie at indon..miss every single time with them..huhu..cannot forget peanut when she will be heard as the whole world heard her laughs..wakakaka..epol love 2 argues with other guys don't mess with this guy..frasy love 2 do what he can do..he don't care what people want 2 that spirit!!

love them!!!miss all of u guys!!


Million-Dollar Guy said...

xkabo kat ak ko ad blog